Meet Misty

Misty Rae McNelley, LMT
Medical Massage and Wellness Specialist

While Misty is a master practitioner that specializes in hands on healing and is a pain management specialist; Misty has many ways of approach to massage therapy. One is is practical and focused. She is careful and sensitive to the concerns of her clients and offers them a variety of self-care alternatives for both in the office and at home. 

Another one of  Misty's approach is a fusion between treatment and relaxation to focus effectively on the whole body and person. Misty adapts her massage to fit each client's wants and needs. Her signature massage blends modailities to support a healthy lifestyle, with localized deep focus and an overall release of stress and tension for a sense of full body wellness and balance.

In the field of wellness and healing, she remains a student of her profession by pursuing additional skills and modalities; perfecting her healing artistry.

Her advanced studies has most recently took her to Stockbridge, Massachusets to the campus of Kripalu Yoga Retreat that obtained her certification in THAI Yoga Massage, it has also taken her to the Bastyr Campus in Chicago, IL where she is a participant in the Integrative Bodywork Institute’s (IBI) approach and credentialing of the Cranio-Sacral technique. Misty has also studied directly under Jeff Primack; the founder of The Supreme Science Foundation. He insisted her Qi and healing power was so unbelievably strong that after she got her certification to practice Qi Gong, he waived all fees for her classes and she obtained her Instructors License to teach QiGong to others. Further education has been completed in the complimentary areas of Hot Stone, body exfoliation and moisturization/detoxification, treatment modalities for sports and active individuals,trigger point therapy, accupressure, lymphatic drainage, prenatal and infant massage and aromatherapy.

Misty is nationally certified by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and acquired her degree from Virginia college and holds other degrees from where the emphasis was on healthcare and lifestyle.  She is also a member of the American Pregnancy Association (APA) as a result of her desire to help expectant mothers move through pregnancy and childbirth in a comfortable, supported and healthy way.

Another approach Misty takes to  to massage is artistic and holistic providing compassion and sensitivity to the needs of her clients.  She is passionate about her work and has studied many modalities, including: , Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Bowen, LaStone Therapy, relaxation or treatment massage, & foot reflexology. She customizes her treatments to each individual’s needs to facilitate increased vitality, performance and spiritual/physical well-being.